Exciting schedule ahead!

So excited about my forthcoming schedule:

Monday 31st August – Tuesday 15th August – Champion Centre, Christchurch The Champion Centre

Monday 31st August – Observe child1/Attend multi-disciplinary team meeting

Tuesday 1st September – Observe child2/Attend multi-disciplinary team meeting

Wednesday 2nd September – Observe monitoring programme/Attend staff meeting

Thursday 3rd September – Observe child3/Attend EICS meeting – remember to celebrate birthday!

Friday 4th September – Observe child4/Attend multi-disciplinary team meeting/Interview past parent

Monday 7th September – Observe child5/Observe  baby massage session

Tuesday 8th September – Observe child6/Meeting with SLT

Wednesday 9th September – Attend preview visit of specialist service standards review team

Thursday 10th September – Observe child7/Deliver FASD presentation at Christchurch University

Friday 11th September – Observe child 8/Attend Multi-disciplinary team meeting

Monday 14th September – Observe child 9

Tuesday 15th September – Observe relating and communicating programme

Wednesday 16th September – Travel to Aukland/Deliver FASD session to schools with Positive Path International Positive Path International

Thursday 17th September – Deliver FASD session to schools with Positive Path International

Friday 18th September – Tuesday 22nd September – sightseeing and discussion

Note to self: Remember to pause for breath and enjoy the experience!


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