Seminars, sunsets and Sodom and Gomorrah

My time in Aukland/Hamilton so far has been mainly occupied with visits to Special Schools and Early Childhood Intervention Conductive Education units as well as speaking at two seminars on FASD for Positive Path International.

12033067_10153283963859773_3071467555814742629_n (2)


Over 200 people attended the seminars which took place over two days and feedback from delegates has been really positive reinforcing the need for more information for educators and other professionals about FASD.

Following this some relaxation was in order with fish and chips and a beautiful sunset at Raglan Bay

DSC_002512006161_10153282301039773_2267691869247335899_n (2)12038365_10153282301134773_1496557152154046277_n (2)12039380_10153282301499773_9014653485028584393_n (2)

And a visit to Rotorua with Red Wood forests and Hells Gate Geothermal Park and Mud Spa where for more than 700 years the Ngati Rangiteaorere tribe have lived and protected the site as place of healing and revitalisation. The Sodom and Gomorrah Pool can reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Celsius and water can erupt from the pool up to two metres in height.

  • 12032257_10153283964039773_5362679382143554088_n (2)

12033067_10153283963859773_3071467555814742629_n (2)11933485_10153283962129773_8217056574317207199_n (2)12019755_10153283963659773_8420377024983382814_n (2)12006213_10153283964444773_2425309471348255672_n (2)12036962_10153283962439773_9042600689850113135_n (2)12039568_10153283962349773_8218556622995889779_n (2)12043192_10153283425469773_4002682726781082560_n (2)12042722_10153283961974773_4100199938184183480_n (2) 12019940_10153283964244773_5714380626630889366_n (2)


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